Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Never Stop Working!!

Google Drive allows you store and access your files anywhere -- on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go.  I have my files on the internet, which is basically everywhere. If I change a file on my tablet, the changes reflect on my other devices: school PCs, my PC and my smartphone also. So literally I can finish work I was working in my room, on the bus to school using my phone/tablet then when I'm at school simply find a PC lab and continue working on it. With Google Drive you can upload files, during the upload the files are converted to a format compatible with Google. The standard files I make use of are: Documents (word processor), Slides(Presentation) , Spreadsheet and the PDF viewer. These are not all the supported items in Google Drive there is more, you can even play videos/music!

For the English assignment we were put into groups and tasked to do a presentation. We had the challenge of meeting physically. Google Drive was the solution. One of my group members uploaded the presentation to Google Drive and sent everyone a link to it. Immediately we had avoided the problem of constantly sending these huge email attachments. Another feature of Google Drive that was very handy was  the chat option. If the person you shared a file with is on Google+ you can send instant messages between each other within the Google Drive web app. When we got to a point where the presentation was very large in megabytes we were very glad Google Drive allowed everyone was able to work on their section without the need of sending a file back and forth constantly!  So yeah we used Slides, divided the work, guys added notes and comments, and we were able to edit together simultaneously. It was effective use of a tool.

I know one Google Drive critic who feels that the privacy features in Google Drive aren't strict enough. Their argument is that some Google Drive users keep their documents open to the public, and if you're signed into your Google account when you view these files, other users will be able to see your picture and name. My solution looking at public files, is to log out of Google, or use a different browser. Anonymous users get assigned a random profile pictures of animals instead, such as a dolphin, dinosaur, or beaver.

I downloaded the Google Drive apps for my tablet and PC. With the app you have the option to select particular folders or documents for offline syncing, so when you aren't connected you can still view those files.

Google Drive gives you free storage of 15GB, for me that's a lot, but yeah if you want extra it starts at $2.49 for 25GB a month, etc. Below is an image with the prices:

Google Drive isn't the only file collaboration and online storage service available it's my preferred choice. The are alternatives such Microsoft's Sky-DriveApple's iCloud/iWork, Dropbox and many more. Just check below a comparison:
Cloud storage- a pricing and features guide

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