Sunday, December 22, 2013

Acid Diaries

Who knew being cuffed in the back of a cop car laying down on the seat would be comfy? Happened in the last 48 hours. Blame the acid. 

After tripping for some time I have decided to post some notes advising anyone interested on how not to be in hell after your trip.

1. Clear your schedule for the next 48 hours. this 24 hours for the trio and another for recovery. In second 24 try not watching TV it will just freak you out.

2. Before the trip clean your house, a messy place could cause a messed up trip. This is like baby-proofing your place for the trip.

3. Call your family/friends, this help you not freak out or worry about them during the trip.

4. Leave your phone.

5. Emergency cash. Like $50 in a sock, don't carry your card most likely going to lose it or screw up on the pin.

6. Emotions will be high, importantly will depend how you are feeling before the trip as this will affect the actual trip. Don't do it if you are going through a dark period .

7. Maybe carry a camera(don't lose it), its like any trip so memories wont hurt and will help boost your memory of the trip's events.

8. Have a safe trip and enjoy it!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Steam is coming

The gaming OS based on Linux will be available for download soon. To me soon seems like a long time, hope its not too late. Some are encouraging against installing SteamOS, but myself as an avid fan of Linux and self-confessed PC game addict I'm downloading Steam. I've no doubts that there will be some issues at first but my this is Valve their dominance in PC gaming is my encouragement for thumbs up to install.

Steam OS is an operating system built on around Steam through use of Linux architecture. Its taken the best aspects of Linux to create what the Valve team calls "the best gaming operating software." Picture this as Android but with purpose of its creation towards gaming. Like Android its free!

However the hardware requirements aren't available at the moment but Valve says you are going to need a very, very fast machine to run Steam OS. Dedicated Steam machines are like the sport-cars of gaming, very fast but expensive.

Many people will be interested in a pure gaming OS, I hope game makers join the bandwagon.

Instagram 5.0 now with Instagram Direct

Instagram pushed an update this isn't just one of those bug fixes or redesigned interfaces(well kinda is). Its an update where Instagram ported a four year old feature by adding a communication platform/selective image sharing with the introduction of private messaging they have labeled Instagram Direct. The update includes these new features 
  • The ability to share photos privately with up to 15 people.
  • See who has seen, liked, and commented on your privately-shared photo in real time.
  • Receive push notifications when one of your friends shares a photo with you.
  • If someone you don't follow shares a photo with you, it goes to a special "requests" area. You can decide from there if you want to view it.

  • On that bombshell here are some thinks to think about:
    1. Still no holo. Now, they could focus on a redesign. They made one for iOS7 easily so it matches the UI updates, but the Android version is starting to look dated and out of place. I blame Facebook on that part.
    2. I can sense something coming i.e. dick pics on girls inboxes
    3. Offline cacheing and saving
    4. Countermeasure for Snapchat rejecting Facebook bid
    5. No support for certain versions for iOS & Android
    6. Finally somewhat an extremely pointless add on why not just actual direct messages.
    Here are the links it's free:
    Available on the App Store Coming soon to Android