Friday, December 13, 2013

Steam is coming

The gaming OS based on Linux will be available for download soon. To me soon seems like a long time, hope its not too late. Some are encouraging against installing SteamOS, but myself as an avid fan of Linux and self-confessed PC game addict I'm downloading Steam. I've no doubts that there will be some issues at first but my this is Valve their dominance in PC gaming is my encouragement for thumbs up to install.

Steam OS is an operating system built on around Steam through use of Linux architecture. Its taken the best aspects of Linux to create what the Valve team calls "the best gaming operating software." Picture this as Android but with purpose of its creation towards gaming. Like Android its free!

However the hardware requirements aren't available at the moment but Valve says you are going to need a very, very fast machine to run Steam OS. Dedicated Steam machines are like the sport-cars of gaming, very fast but expensive.

Many people will be interested in a pure gaming OS, I hope game makers join the bandwagon.

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