Friday, December 13, 2013

Instagram 5.0 now with Instagram Direct

Instagram pushed an update this isn't just one of those bug fixes or redesigned interfaces(well kinda is). Its an update where Instagram ported a four year old feature by adding a communication platform/selective image sharing with the introduction of private messaging they have labeled Instagram Direct. The update includes these new features 
  • The ability to share photos privately with up to 15 people.
  • See who has seen, liked, and commented on your privately-shared photo in real time.
  • Receive push notifications when one of your friends shares a photo with you.
  • If someone you don't follow shares a photo with you, it goes to a special "requests" area. You can decide from there if you want to view it.

  • On that bombshell here are some thinks to think about:
    1. Still no holo. Now, they could focus on a redesign. They made one for iOS7 easily so it matches the UI updates, but the Android version is starting to look dated and out of place. I blame Facebook on that part.
    2. I can sense something coming i.e. dick pics on girls inboxes
    3. Offline cacheing and saving
    4. Countermeasure for Snapchat rejecting Facebook bid
    5. No support for certain versions for iOS & Android
    6. Finally somewhat an extremely pointless add on why not just actual direct messages.
    Here are the links it's free:
    Available on the App Store Coming soon to Android

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