Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is Myspace.

Myspace is a social network that died long ago... now it's reincarnated! As a self-labeled social media butterfly, I’ve got a serious declaration: I’ve never retained a Myspace account (used occasionally, or remember about it). It has been hectic to manage the time from writing up killer truths and confronting for my friends or better yet anyone else in my way on Facebook and when that got me in trouble (and depressed), I turned to Twitterfor some full on war. The idea of signing up always nagged at me, even though I still or porbably have an account from decades back, but I never bothered. Until recently a friend made me think twice. I did (well with my Twitter)

The new Myspace is pretty loud. The interface is mind blowing, it’s laden with better-quality, cleaner visuals that give the site a more contemporary feel. They call it "UX". They paid attention to how users were utilizing the site (to discover/listen to new bands) and pivoted to give it a music/artist focus.  They kept the design simple and image-focused.  They added a radio.  These are all good changes. A revamp, and now that Myspace is officially back, and currently with an iOS app (no iPad version yet!!!). It’s time to take yet another look at what the new Myspace is bringing to the social-media-meets-music table.

 I've got a question: Does the new Myspace have a chance?

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