Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Evolutionized Notetaking

I live in Evernote now. Its in the cloud! Cloud computing is making big news and appears to be where I'm headed. All you need is internet access and everything, all of it will be there! Recently I discovered Evernote, it is a game changer. Now imagine your notes in the cloud. Being able to access them from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Evernote is cloud synced constantly so you have that piece of mind that your notes are everywhere. 

According to Evernote: "Evernote is an easy-to-use, free tool that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use.stay organized, save your ideas, and improve productivity..."

Evernote is one of those tools you struggle to understand its functionality but upon utilizing it you get it. Basically Evernote is a text editor, photo upload tool, voice recording device, website read-it-later and these are just the few things I have discovered. An Evernote power-user would truly unlock the potential of the application. Evernote makes use of the cloud to save whatever you have created to the cloud. Once its uploaded to the cloud your data is available on any Evernote compatible device; which are smartphones, tablets, desktops both OS X & Windows, synchronized apps or on the web. There is quite a bunch of apps to use in collaboration with Evernote.

In terms of competition I have really set out to find a challenger, Evernote fulfills my note taking. However prior to discovering Evernote I was using Microsoft's One Note, which for me was not that inviting. One Note had its advantage of being built into Windows, but once I migrated to OS X it became a burden. Even in usability Evernote is way better than One Note, I wish I had discovered it earlier.

I used to use a traditional notebook to jot down ideas, notes or even just minutes. It was convenient at the time, but the nightmare came when you lost that notebook. All was hopeless. Now every time I attend a meeting for a school assignment and someone walks in with a paper notebook I sort of realize they aren't that serious. For example if there some to dos you would want the,pm added to your calendar. If you are serious about a project I think utilizing a digital notebook makes more sense, unless you then type it in afterwards. With Evernote you can add images, recordings, links and many more items. Can you do that with a paper notebook?

I'm slightly biased towards Evernote after an infuriating experience with One Note. Obviously pen and paper is the most limited method to get things done. Evernote is just one tool out thousands that can be utilized. I prefer it.

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