Monday, October 7, 2013

Flagship Dual-Boot Coming Soon

With smartphone innovation seriously not being revolutionary anymore, with a new device it's just an upgrade on the hardware(improved processor, better camera, etc.). There are very few software upgrades that are game changers, with the exception of the recently launched iOS7. The reality with innovation is you cannot have it both ways. I like OS X, but it's far from perfect. Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and others are similarly strong in some areas, but not so good in others.

Reports that recently surfaced suggest that Microsoft has approached HTC in regards to ship its Android devices with Windows Phone as a secondary operating system. This if it becomes a reality is a game changer! The user can somewhat answer which operation system is better because they have the choice after purchasing a device.

At the moment to those familiar with rooting your Android know it's already a given possible. The reality of it coming shipped with your device and not the user having to tweak it to access the option is a completely whole new unique selling point.  This isn't an entirely unheard of idea some manufacturers have such devices on the market but of these are not flagship brands, but a union of Microsoft and HTC, with the right marketing will definitely prosper. The Python S3, a tablet released by Italian Ekoore that can boot three operating systems: Ubuntu Linux, Android, and Windows 8.

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